Sitting in one of the local cafés outside my campus in which I reside

Currently I am a graduate class, university student, major in Political Science and International Relations in one of the newly established Ethiopia’s higher learning institutions. As a university student or as someone who is ready and equipped with the mission of shaping his future I have ambitions supported by my dedication and commitment like any other self-recognizing fellow human being. In this endeavor I always try to be as flexible, handsome, smart and wise; part of my plans of shaping my destiny and build identity: THE “WHO I AM” part of my existence as an animal with an innovative brain;  despite my camouflage tactics which people may not easily comprehend than prematurely judging those conducts.

Apart from these as a social animal due to scarcities of various kinds (mostly material needs) I tend to share rooms and spaces with many “friends” or campus-mates of mine. In this way I have witnessed a web of relationships I have built with those pals positively or negatively; rightly or wrongly; day or night; materially or ideally…etc.

As an individual capable of shaping the future-“the undiscovered country”** in the way I desire with respect to my power I mostly expect such acts and inherent behaviors from behaviors from my friends as an expecting animal because of two basic reasons:

(1) as creatures running for self-actualization based on private aspirations, inspirations, commitment and devotion and

(2) as students of social sciences, especially, behavioral sciences of the stream: political science, sociology, civics, history as well as geography, which are the main gateways to deciphering some of the secrets of digging in to the ideas of fate, survival, destiny, means, ends, causes, courses, effects, pros, cons, solutions…etc to the challenges faced by the endeavors in #1 and the opportunities they bring forth and are disciplines that teach humans to be acting on one’s own capacity, will, power, and desires.

based on the above two basic analytic approaches of mine to judge people based on circumstances and evidences capable of producing reasonable arguments I critically regretted at what I have arrived at with perceptual and relatively rational premises I have at hand. Clearly stating the inductions are as follows:

(1)For most of my fellow brethren have failed to recognize the power in them they measure and assess their friends based primarily on WHAT THEY ARE not by WHO THEY ARE. This reality existing clearly a specific and particular TIME SPACE CONVERGENCE (TSC) which they deny in an attempt to “defend” themselves emotionally than rationally as a superior animal race with a grand vision are if really recognized and studied thoroughly are MALICIOUS THOUGHTS THAT COULD DESTROY THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE, especially for the future. In addition, the WHO people is part of the conscious existence of individuals, the one that the WHAT they are component of existence as creatures of an EXTRAORDINARY thinking power and investigative curiosity  that tends to be expanding everyday. I mostly see MATERIALS being appreciated and valued better than IDEAS worth taking into critical judgment and    a serious account. FOODS, CLOTHES, DRINKS, BLOOD TIES, SOCIALLY-CONSTRUCTED THEORY OF EXPLOITATION …etc with all their material manifestations are on the scene of the loosely organized CAMPUS PUBLIC SPHERE. Those things mostly are easy to comprehend for any AVERAGE THINKER as well as perceivable to anyone with THE USUAL EMPLOYMENT OF THE 5 BASIC SENSES. What if those things are considered secondary elements of human beings’ ideal existence for they are recognized created, destroyed, developed, sustained, analyzed…etc though some still remain basic to human existence based on the ideas and IMAGINATIONS we have in our NATURAL MASTER CONTROL MACHINE, OUR BRAIN than our perceptual senses in our BRAWNS?

The other common culture that I came across in connection with this personal level of analysis #1 is the issue of MOB MENTALITY, the INABILITY TO REPRESENT ONESELF either FOR FAILURE OF RECOGNIZING INDIVIDUAL POWER or the IGNORANCE and FAILURE to understand and know things by oneself and RELYING in an unnecessary way on the mass either for defending one’s own FEEBLE ideas or offending other probable threats to those ideas for the ‘purity’ of representing oneself has been the result of IGNORANCE as well as INTENTION by DEFAULT for it was based on ILLOGICAL CHOICE and it is A GREAT CATASTROPHE FOR SUCH EXISTENCE OF A MAN STRUGGLING TO BUILD HIS IDENTITY.

(2)    The very ideas of ENLIGHTENMENT, INITIATION, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, THE PURSUIT OF WISDOM, PRIVACY, PRIVATE SPHERE OF LIFE…etc propagated everyday now and then through those disciplines for a matter of CONVENIENT INTELLECTUAL STRUCTURE, PHILOSOPHICAL EXISTNCE AS A SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE, OF TRANSFERRING HISTORICAL LEGACIES of the life and fate of people right from the ANCIENT WORLD through FOLKTALES, FABLES, NOVELS, POEMS, MUSICS, and most of all through BOOKS for MEN MAY NOT LIVE FOREVER and should have to STOP SOMEWHERE TO LET OTHERS LIVE ON THEIR REMAINS teach the lessons of being oneself, the part human’s SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE in the form of VIRTUE AND VICE to be utilized subjectively better than ever before with the increasing UNPRECEDENTED ACCESS to resources, especially, INFORMATION. This may seem a HUMBLE OPINION from MEEK PEOPLE but it is the REALITY, the specific time-space coincidence that happened around me and came to my attention through my travelogue of three years the so-called UNIVERSITY SOCIAL LIFE (USL).

Hence, what I would like to earnestly forward to MYSELF and to my FRIENDS as well as to the people who read this article of faith is that WE HAVE TO EXPAND THE SCOPE OF OUR CURIOSITIES FROM EARLY CHILDHOOD till we became GROWN UPS first and foremost to HARVEST THE POWER WITHIN US; invisible, invincible, enduring, exuberant, cunning…than invest the FEEBLE ideas coming easily rolling to the tip of our tongue lacking mature judgment which we may ACCIDENTALLY use to judge others PREMATURELY.
You know what I am ASHAMED of mostly? It is the failure of this generation of ours, especially, THE YOUTH, to preserve PHILOSOPHY (to think and act in one’s own likeness), identity (the power to build up our self-reliance through better utilizing our mind), history, science…consistently; the essential components of human beings who wish themselves to do what they deserve and teach others to do the same in their own subjective fashion than an objective dictate imposed from a classical ancestral worship of accepting things at face value no need of questioning and its continued satisfactions with the sole advancements in the TECHNOLOGICAL SPHERE, a means to produce materials and mostly develop skills the power of thinking beyond material aspirations most of the time than offering little time to preserve identity.
As individuals born for SPECIAL MISSIONS to shape our life in our own way I would like to say in brief that THE NEED FOR BEING OURSELVES should have to be INHERENT with in us for the failure to do so could take us in to the vast SWAMP OF IDENTITY CRISIS and if this Human Identity Building Project (HIBP) fails we have the responsibility to defend our MENTAL PSYCHIC IDENTITY from going BANKRUPT and at last DEMOLISH.
As for me there are no needs for awaiting accidental INSPIRATIONS we may contract from books, ‘great people’, and advices from elders at the minimal level rather than trying to expand this to oneself.


*higher learning is a movie about the disrupted identity crises among students among students that later became the source of a serious civil strife in the university of columbus
**a quote from the sci-fi movie “star trek vi”

Published by Hibamo Ayalew

Very recently I've come to the decision that I've to say what I've to say in ways I wanted to say irrespective of the "feelings" of the mediocre creatures out there crawling the earth in search of solace where there's none. Seeking wisdom in the Desert of the Real.

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