The Essence of My Existence

“I exist for those for whom I exist.”
Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre

I always wonder why some individuals think we should exist, because they wished for that. But the reality is that existence is not something to be such a simple state of affairs in which a simple wish of some recessive and docile people turns into a reality. In the first instance, existence as an aspect of human being’s essence of life and continuity is well-understood by many individuals even at the most basic level. Two, whether they think other things should exist or not, the basic operation of existence is not that way i.e. other things exist or disappear whether they are given attention or not. Three, some people’s belief that I do not exist because they said so doesn’t fit the mood in which the basic principles of existence work. Four, many people believe in existence without being conscious about it; a phenomenon that could be labeled instinctual belief without prior proof and understanding of it. Five, for those people oriented by and obsessed with material beings or physical objects existence is that much small. A house is a house, nothing more. But a house is something made of wood, brick, mud, roof…in their physical forms composing it; a definition of existence that excludes the idea that a house to exist needs to be imagined in the natural imagery machine (nim) of human beings’ sense of existence, the human brain. On the sixth dimension, those people with half knowledge of existence cannot prove the existence or non-existence of an entity, though not always a must task that have to be undertaken with an obligatory tone. In that case a belief in the existence of a stone without consciousness, a sense of feeling that this entity’s existence endows to our sense organs and the understanding that follows this doesn’t make sense, philosophically tested: metaphysically questioned and epistemologically tested against its source of sense of existence and loss of an insight into it.

Apart from the ideas above what I would like to add to the observations, personally, made and subjectively interpreted, I firmly state directly the fact that I have never been to a school of philosophy that talks a lot about existence, I have never been spending too much time reading and referring books of the Great philosophers that history has witnessed: Kant, Nietzsche, Aristotle…etc (I admit the fact that they exist both emotionally and logically felt but they are my next Plan B, a plan apart from my previous Plan A, a pan to understand occurrences of ideas based on my individual power of perception and cognition, a phenomenon that I call Investigative Curiosity (Ic)). In addition, I also believe in the major statement that ‘consciousness is the beginning of life!’, an idea that came to me from my Ancestors, the Nubians and their counterparts and brothers, the Egyptians from a common religion practiced in ancient days in both lands, Heru Ankh Amen.

This confession-like statement of my visionary observation sounds crazy in my country, Ethiopia. It is even taken to the brink of madness and insanity, though the vast majority of people have got this illusive belief in “madness in curiosity” or the how they came to immerse themselves in this sense of self-defeating realism that they think they should apply to everyone. Those groups of people believe that any other person out of their ‘dilettantish’ group existed because they gave that person their lung to breathe with, their heart to pump blood with, their brain to think with, their sense organs to perceive with…etc.

As a person of Ethiopian citizenship I am always among them, the Ethiopians of the Present century, physically but not logically, whether they accept it or not, for I have the moral duty to do that. They mostly think I should believe in their lame idea that ‘an individual had never, have never, never will bring any change without their direct assistance.’ This suggestion extends itself to the point of even murdering those people, who have failed to follow the suit given. But honestly speaking, I am not the type of guy who believes in that credo of the unconscious sphere because I am physically threatened or offered illogical choices, choices of obscurity and blindness.

To put it straight, let us take individuals who have made a difference (MAD), oxymoronically understood by the groups of people above. In the 17th c, Galileo Galilei, proved that the earth revolves around the sun, that is the way it is, but the mass led and confused by the Pope in Rome, still an individual, continued their attempts to ostracize him to the point of convicting him in a blaspheme order, that he is a devil himself and a devil that bedevils others. All this is happening not because he is really devil but because he is not using the group’s time telescope in to the past, the present and the future. He was convicted as a ‘crimininal’ because of who he is.

Let us take a second example. Nimrod, the son of Cush, the man stated in the Bible as a man of extraordinary powers in archery and architecture. Nimrod was also another ‘devil’ that existed in history that even the educated man believes needs to be eliminated ignoring his contributions to human being’s conscious that are harnessed today without question.

Remember The Tower of Babel Nimrod built in Ancient Babylon? For me it is a physically existent object rather it is a metaphorical statement of his power of surpassing the philosophical limit of the day. The Tower as the vast majority of people had understood, are understanding and will continue to understand, is an object used a ladder to reach the so-close sky of the day to communicate with God. And for me it is rather a curiosity to cross the line of understanding and cognition of the time based on Mysticism practiced by few individuals of mass appeal and obedience for they feel that they will exist no more if they oppose or reject or subjectively investigate the situation. But in the end such an act of Ic has not ended there, either Galileo’s belief in the Heliocentric View or Nimrod’s Tower of Babel though they not arrived in the 21st c exactly the way they were formulated or viewed in their days.

In the end, coming back to my major premise, “I exist for those for who I exist!” I would like to say that our individual existence could still be an antithesis to the non-existence of the mass’s mob mentality that discourages understanding and is a synthesis of the individual who aspires in the field of IC.

As such though my existence is obscure to the ignorant, it is still meaningful to the imaginative human being, a being that ‘pulls the strings of history to his own pursuit’ by his own effort. And still, despite that, I exist by introspection (ideally in imaginative human brain) and by extrospection (physically felt by the sense organs), dimensions that give essence to the real existence of mine. That is why I am not expected or am responsible in order to make the ignorant understand that I exist in his sense, rather in the context of the philosophically curious and researching man, a thriving being.

On the other hand, a man’s death is only half part of that man’s non-existence; he physically wanes but ideally he is still in the brains of both the ignorant and the attentive. Despite the attempt of the ignorant to neglect the existence of others, things will continue existing regardless of his personal ‘dilettantism’.

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Published by Hibamo Ayalew

Very recently I've come to the decision that I've to say what I've to say in ways I wanted to say irrespective of the "feelings" of the mediocre creatures out there crawling the earth in search of solace where there's none. Seeking wisdom in the Desert of the Real.

One thought on “The Essence of My Existence

  1. Thought provoking material here. Thank you for sharing and for the link back to my site. Very clever ideas.


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