This is visceraland! The land of gluttons! The land of voracious appetite; appetite for food, money, human flesh and soul, other material possessions, but not ideal ones. In the land of the gluttons there is no place for thinking, contemplations, inventing, discovering, having fun…  there is a constant shortage of time for other, ‘extraneous’ activities except eating, grazing, munching, draining human blood. All the other activities, except those related to food and the belly, ingestion and egestion, belching and farting,…etc are extra-curricular activities. They have no time for their brain but they extremely care for their brawn; fond of and hypochondriac about the belly.

In the land of the gluttons, there is cannibalism; an occult cannibalistic ritual, a secret ritual of eating the human being: his soul and flesh. Stealing is normal, killing is acceptable, robbing is a virtue, for the extent to which ideas will be entertained is almost null. Everything related to the temporal, rudimentary pleasure in foods, mostly junk, is the major concern; hence, the primeval agenda.

The people in the land of the gluttons think that life is nothing more than eating more now than any other time. They are people devoid of being, a well-structured, mentally confident personality [save that they are confident in the belly]. Their brain is a product of their prosaic struggle for survival in their own non-sense sphere of influence; they call it the swinosophy. Belly grows at the cost of brain. Even the opposite of belly, the back has no sense for them; for them non-sense, but less non-sense than the brain.

Life in the land of the gluttons is a life led by present-mindedness: forget yesterday, eat today, never bother about tomorrow; literally stating, ‘put no faith in the morrow, seize the day.’ Their tactical conclusion is, we hate yesterday because it is a memory of a time when we have already spent snatching but it was a time when we had less belly-filling food than today. In the same accord they care not about tomorrow for they may be side-tracked from their present state of gluttony, of chasing junk food, ceaseless voracity due to their naïve sense, thought of time and space without the brain. They do not need thought; they rather need toilets, where they could dump their physical and philosophical absurdities.

If you are to be a stranger in Visceraland, where utmost respect is given to the belly and you are a person of anti-gluttonic deviance syndrome [AGDS], they will definitely eat and crush you alive. They do not want people like you; they do have a firm belief in the very idea that, there is no need for people who tend to or really think; rather they are interested in obese, stinky swinophilias. They love people from the swamps, the swamps of left-overs, junkies. They are not producers of any sort; instead, they follow a policy of scorched food incessantly scavenging on whatever is in their way, and mostly are fond of and obsessed with carcasses; human carcass is their favorite.

At the gates of the city of the gluttons, Swinopolis, in which gluttons have controlled and ruled with ruthless swinocracy, you will find a common signpost written in big, shiny letters; the letters are made 99% out of food and 1% wooden board.

“Life is nothing more than snatching, eating, regurgitating and erasing your digestive memory for your next mission of belly foencoding [food encoding]; that is all there is to life.”

And beyond the signpost, there are certain ‘constitutional rules’ the swinocrats have formulated for their convenience:

The  10 Commandments of Swinocracy of the state of Visceraland

Rule #1 Stop thinking and start stinking.

Rule #2 Thinking is bad and stinking is good.

Rule #3 Producing more excreta is better than producing more thought.

Rule #4 Thought is crime; viscera is a virtuous blessing.

Rule #5 Gluttony eating every sort of unsorted, unidentifiable, junk food is a virtue; thought, thinking, interest in such stuffs as philosophy, science, technology, politics…is an anti-thesis to swinosophy and swinocracy.

Rule #6 In order to spread our swinocentrism, we need more Swinosophic ‘Schools’.

Rule #7 Love food as your own soul; hate thought as it is anti-swinocratic.

Rule #8 Our mission is to create an International Brotherhood of Scientific Swinocracy, of Orthodox Gluttons.

Rule #9 Belly is the mind of our beloved swinocrats and advocates. There is no need for brain. Brainlessism is the only way forward.

Rule #10 The worst of life of man is that of a life of man in cerebrocracy, where mind is the source of thought; the best, pleasurable, adventurous life of man is only to be found in our swinocratic state.

These Ten Commandments are the core tenets of the Swinocratic government with its international relations being governed by the principles of international stomach voracity and digestive viscera; hence, Swinism.

Turning to the main tip of the essay, where do you think you are in, in the school of cerebrocracy or in the league of swinocracy? Are you someone who prefers thinking or someone who constantly stinks? Are you a humanoid or a human endowed with intelligent being, personality, and identity of your own? The answers are up to you as ‘there are no rules as to what the creditor should wear’. But make a conscious choice as long as you stay awake and alive. Once your eyes are convinced to sleep, they may not be confident enough to stay awake and alive.

I don’t think you will bear the burdens of being submerged and sunk by your vices, gluttony in this case; you are a unique creature capable of having a virtue, aspiring, thriving, loving, caring, inventing, discovering, starting a revolution of either ideas or materials, shaping your mind and attitude. You were not brought up to live like a ruthless, brute, ferocious, voracious beast; you have virtuous principles out of your philosophical apotheosis and thriving. Your labor of thinking has given you the privilege of being the master of the whole kingdom of nature, in relative sense. So, how could you be led by your belly than your mind? How on earth would you let yourself be transformed into a voracious, viscerotonic zombie, whose sole aim is to snatch, to kill, and to feed on its prey without discrimination? You should and must stop this right here and now. Or else you will soon become an inferior, consumption-laden beast yourself. Don’t forget that your diligent brain needs a microscopic amount of food while performing its massive thought tasks of bodily and spiritual governance while your belly is an ancillary body to your brain, whether to digest, assimilate, egest or else it is given commands to perform from your low-food consuming brain. Your brain is who you are; your belly is what makes what you are, makes you a physically existent, moving object like any other matter. Bear in mind that your belly is a means not an end.

Get out of the vicious cycle of swinism right here and now and start living a virtuous life of human beings than beastly humans! Stop stinking and start thinking!

Click on the link for PDF In the Land of the Gluttons

Published by Hibamo Ayalew

Very recently I've come to the decision that I've to say what I've to say in ways I wanted to say irrespective of the "feelings" of the mediocre creatures out there crawling the earth in search of solace where there's none. Seeking wisdom in the Desert of the Real.

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